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Why Writing Lessons and Workshops Aren’t Enough

Kyle de Waal, Guest Contributor Kyle de Waal gave a speech during the 2013 Summer Workshop, challenging the members of the extended One Year Adventure Novel community to put their gifts and training to use. It was so provoking we asked him for a written version we could post here for those of you who didn’t get to hear it (and everyone who needs reminding again!).
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Why Word Games Trump Daydreams

Tineke Bryson, Staff Writer I daydreamed ferociously when I was a kid. Nothing pleased me so much as slipping away from people and situations to hunt fancies in my head. And why curb my imagination? Wasn’t daydreaming my source of creative ingenuity? I trusted to imagination to achieve my dream of becoming a writer, or, as I put it then, a “poetess.” Ha.
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