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Join a vibrant online community of young writers!

One Year Adventure Novel students ages 13–19 may create (with parent permission, of course) an account on our Student Forum. The Forum is moderated, and we personally validate each new account to make sure each user meets the age requirement and has a valid license.

The Forum is optional, and at present, completely free to licensed customers.

Why Join the Student Forum?

When you join the Student Forum, you get traveling companions on your writing adventure. One Year Adventure Novel students come from all over North America and around the globe. No matter what your genre preferences are, you’re sure to find others on the Forum who are also interested in writing the same kinds of stories.

Here are some of the ways students enjoy using the Forum:

1. “Ask the Teacher” board – Find answers to common questions and ask your own.

2. Exchange peer critiques – Share ideas and excerpts of your writing to get feedback from other students, and help them out in the same way—really great for preparing to submit to the Student Novel Contest! This is one of the main reasons we created the Forum: giving and receiving thoughtful critiques strengthens your writing in ways that nothing else can. And sharing your writing with others who are learning the same creative writing principles from the same instructor provides writers with a common “language” for helping each other strengthen weak areas.

3. Watch webinars – Attend live webinars or watch the recordings.

4. Specialized boards – Connect with others who are writing in similar genres or setting novels in similar time periods to exchange ideas.

How to Join

1. You can create your Student Forum account anytime once your order has shipped. The shipment notification email lists your unique curriculum license number, which you will need to complete your Forum sign-up.*

2. When you have your curriculum license number handy, create an account.

Create an Account on the Student Forum

3. The full name and full date of birth must be that of the student. We do not validate accounts for persons below age 13 (no exceptions) or above 19. This is an age-appropriate Forum for student use.

4. Your personal information (name, date of birth, address, phone number, etc.) will only be visible to you and to our administrators. Fellow Forum users will only see your display name and any information you decide to enter in the “About Me” section – such as hobbies, favorite books, etc.

5. Please do not list your real name as your display name. Our Forum is intended to be a safe environment full of wonderful, friendly people, but it is still not wise to use your real name online. Give a little thought to your screen name; we do not allow screen name changes after two weeks of forum membership. This is to avoid confusion among the members, and to help keep forum users accountable.

6. Once you have submitted your request for a student account, please wait 1–3 business days for our staff to check your sign-up and validate it. This is one of our security measures to guard against spammers and creeps.

7. You will receive an email notification that your account has been validated. Sign in and take a tour! We recommend stopping by the Welcome board to introduce yourself.

* If you ordered some time ago, your curriculum license number might have been printed on your order receipt, packing slip, or (if it’s really been a while!) have been printed on a colorful, glossy document placed in your shipment.

Lost Your Number?

Email with your name and shipping address so we can check your customer account.

A Word to Parents and Teachers

Forum-info-dad-son-laptopThe Student Forum is a very friendly online resource for students. We created it to help young writers connect with one another. No matter how gifted your student is, he or she will not go far as a writer without learning to bring other people into their process, to provide feedback and support. Our Student Forum is one excellent way for your student to experience this kind of community.

We recommend that students join, but creating an account is completely optional. And if you are using the curriculum under a Household License, there is no deadline for creating an account and no expiration date on your student’s access to it, as long as they are under 20 years of age.

Parents and teachers may NOT create their own account on the Student Forum. However, parents are more than welcome to sign in under their student’s login information. After logging in you are able to view all of your child’s Forum activity as well as other members’ posts. We suggest having a conversation with your student about this as well as general rules for online etiquette and safety.

You may contact us to request that your student’s account be closed or temporarily suspended at any time, at your discretion. We fully support a parent’s right to decide whether the Student Forum is a good fit for a student.

We will contact you directly if we have any concerns about your student’s activity on the Forum.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions at any time.

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