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Video-based and self-directed, The One Year Adventure Novel high school writing curriculum is easy to use as a homeschooling family.

In a co-op or group? See Using Our Programs in a Co-op or Group.

Getting Started


1. How is One year Adventure Novel licensed? | For Home, Co-op and More!When you order your set, save the shipment notification email! In addition to the tracking number, the email contains your curriculum license number(s).* You will need this number to access the support features we offer in our Creative Community.

2.You will also receive an email with a temporary password to access your Cloud account. To log in, you can follow the link provided in the email OR go to the Cloud video portal under the “Student Resources” tab on the One Year Adventure Novel webpage to sign in.

3.Watch the “How to Use” video if you are the student; watch the “For Parents” video if you are the parent/teacher. If you have a DVD set (no longer available), both are on disc 1.

* In the past, license numbers were printed on the packing slip and sales receipt, or, if you ordered your set before April 2014, on a colorful glossy document placed in the box. If you’ve lost your number, email us with your name and shipping address and we will look it up!

How Lessons Work

  1. Watch the 15–18-minute video lesson.
  2. Read the accompanying lesson in the textbook.
  3. Read any assigned readings as directed in the text (some lessons do not have assigned readings).
  4. Complete the corresponding brainstorming and outlining questions in the workbook (first semester), or write your chapter draft for the lesson, based on your plans in the workbook (second semester).

Join Our Creative Community

With a valid curriculum license number, students have access to a vibrant community of young writers. See the Creative Community page for an overview of the support features and events we offer.

Here’s how to get involved:

1. Create a Student Forum account. The account must be in the name of the student, not a parent. Do not use your real name as your screen name; it is generally wise to avoid displaying personal information online. Student Forum details »

2. Check on the Student Forum for any upcoming webinars. Once your account is approved, you can attend any scheduled webinars (announced via e-newsletter) or watch recordings of past webinars. Webinar details »

3. Start reading the ideas and writing excerpts other students are posting on the forum and offer your feedback. You’ll quickly find that when you take time to help other students with their writing, they will be eager to give you feedback in return.

4. Learn about our annual Student Novel Contest—we highly encourage you to submit! Read more about the contest »

5. Consider planning to join us for our Summer Workshop. Teaching sessions, critique groups, engaging speakers, and fellow OYAN students! Summer Workshop Details »

Adding Students

Under a Household License, you can order new workbooks at any time—whether to go through the curriculum another time (many want to!) or to get another student in your household started. To place an order for a new workbook, you will need to supply your curriculum license number.

New workbooks come with their own curriculum license number so each student can have their own forum account, contest submissions, etc.

Order new workbooks » 

Co-ops, Study Groups & Schools

The One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) has been used by teachers in co-ops, in groups, and in both public and private schools with great success.

Please note: Any situation in which students from more than one household are meeting together to view the lessons is a group. Unless each individual student’s family separately owns their own Household License, the students will need to meet under a Group License.

Using Our Programs in a Co-op or Group »

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