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For students ages 13 and up with a valid license

Writing Webinars | One year Adventure Novel

Mr. & Mrs. S. host webinars to provide another layer of support and instruction for students. Throw in a little bit of humor and a lot of caring with all that teaching, and you’ve got The One Year Adventure Novel webinar experience.

Our writing webinars are live, video-streamed meetings where the instructor, Daniel Schwabauer—affectionately known as “Mr. S.”—discusses topics related to the course or to writing in general. Students can use the chat messaging feature to interact and ask questions.

August through May, we offer about two writing webinars per month. They are usually on a Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. Central. We also post recordings of recent webinars on the Student Forum for a limited time (approximately three months) so students can watch any they miss.

Access to these instructional webinars comes with the purchase of the curriculum, but watching them is not a course requirement.

How to Watch Recordings

You Need:

1. An account on the Student Forum

2. Strong Internet connection

Go to the “Webinar Recordings” board in the Student Forum to find a listing of current recordings.

The Webinar Room

NOTE: The room will open about 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time for the webinar. If the webinar hasn’t started yet, the room will be empty.

Test Webinar

Our webinars are hosted on Webex. Please consider trying a Webex test webinar at least a day before the first webinar you want to watch.

Try Test Webinar >

Should you have any problems with the test webinar, simply call 1.866.229.3239 and choose “Option 1,” toll-free. A Webex technician will help you resolve any technical issues.

(Note: Problems are normally because of a missing plugin. You need Java installed and enabled, and JavaScript and cookies enabled.)

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