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Writing Characters When You Don’t Hear Voices in Your Head

Miguel Flores, Guest Contributor People have told me their characters “talk” to them. These fictional characters use our brains as home base but are otherwise free to explore both their world and ours. When these vagabond ghost squatters re-enter our brains, they kick up their feet, scatter our neatly organized plot bunnies, and babble about their lives or rudely commentate on ours.
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What a Young Writer’s Brush with Death Taught Her about Life & Writing

Jacki Crooks, Staff Writer We’d like to introduce you to Jacki, who has been helping us at The One Year Adventure Novel for the past few months! I (Tineke) asked Jacki to share how her experience of fighting cancer impacted her writing—admittedly a pretty hard question to answer, never mind in under 1,000 words! But it’s a huge part of who Jacki is today.
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