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Unforeseen Endings & Other Gifts of a Flexible Novel Outline

Daniel Schwabauer Outlines aren’t the only way to bring shape to a story. A bad outline will drive you compulsively in the wrong direction. Instead of giving advice, it will give commands. It will tell you to write what it summarizes, regardless of how the story has changed in your mind during the telling. “I am the story,” a bad outline will say. And if you listen to it, your story will be bad too.
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Writing a Novel with Multiple Narrators

Gabrielle Schwabauer, Staff Writer How can I demonstrate the variety of cultures and people groups in my story world without detracting from the main thread of the story? Surely one-off visits to unfamiliar cultures with one or two other characters (soon to be left behind) would quickly move from a novelty to a gimmick. Reluctantly, I began to consider multiple perspectives.
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