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Does Your Creativity Have to Grow Up?

Tineke Bryson, Staff Writer Life throws many changes at us. They threaten an end to our creative ambitions. Whether it’s a job with no wiggle room for ideas, so much college homework you’re worried you’ll lose your love of reading, or a new life role (marriage, parenthood, anyone?), change has a way of making us feel like a naive idiot for calling ourselves a writer, an artist, an adventurer.
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When Your “Perfect” Story Falls Flat

Daniel Schwabauer I had re-written the novel, then titled Baht, in 2012, as 70,000+ words of first-person narrative. Only in writing the second-to-last chapter did I realize the book wasn’t working. Though it had a lot going for it (in my opinion, anyway), it still lacked something. It lacked oomph. Drive. A sense of compulsion. I wasn’t being pulled along by the story; I was driving the story ahead of me with a cattle-prod.
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Why Writing Lessons and Workshops Aren’t Enough

Kyle de Waal, Guest Contributor Kyle de Waal gave a speech during the 2013 Summer Workshop, challenging the members of the extended One Year Adventure Novel community to put their gifts and training to use. It was so provoking we asked him for a written version we could post here for those of you who didn’t get to hear it (and everyone who needs reminding again!).
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