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Respecting the Past: A Philosophy for Historical Fiction

By Rachel Garner, Staff Writer If people ask me about nonfiction resources, I’m happy to oblige, cheerfully pelting England Under the Norman and Angevin Kings and other books or articles at them, forgetting that titles like that don’t sound exciting to most people. But when asked for fiction suggestions, I find myself in a sudden quandary.
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A Secret to Historical Fiction that Won’t Make Historians Cry

By Rachel Garner, Staff Writer Before suggesting historian-approved ways of actually finding the information you need (next blog post) and exploring philosophies of writing historical fiction (third blog post), I want to explain what the discipline of studying history is and why, when answering writers’ questions, I constantly want to say, “You’re asking this question incorrectly.”
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How to Find Out If Self-Publishing Is Right for You

By Miguel Flores, Guest Contributor Each method of publishing a book is its own mix of goods, bads, and surprising uglies. On the one hand, traditional publishing offers better access to exposure, expertise, and a vast amount of resources. On the other hand, self-publishing gives you more control over your choices and is much easier to get into. Is one objectively better than the other? I don’t know.
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