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A Girl and Her Goggles: Tips for Writing Steampunk

By Sarah Noé, Guest Contributor It might sound like I had all the pieces in place, all the gears turning, for a happy steampunk writing career. However, the sub-genre still held some surprises for me—surprises I want to impart to you. I hope by sharing them that steampunk will appear more accessible if you, too, have an interest in writing it.
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Myths: How Do We Use Them in Stories Today?

By Justin Ferguson, Guest Contributor In my last post, I discussed the role of mythology and the particular power it has in storytelling. Here I would like to examine a couple ways we can incorporate myths into our own stories. Some writers make subtle, brief allusions to myths that are intended to add a “bonus” layer of meaning for those who will notice. But two more significant ways myths can be used are in retellings and original work.
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Veteran Students on Overcoming Writing Weaknesses, Part 2

Compiled by Staff Last week, we asked eight One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) students to tell us what their biggest area of weakness is in writing, and what strategies they employ to overcome it. This week, we feature another eight experienced OYANers and their responses. We hope their ideas for self-improvement will be useful to you!
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