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Conveying Hope in Your Novel without Sounding Trite

Kyle de Waal, Guest Contributor We still live in a world where pain and suffering seem to be all but omnipresent. Scrolling through any news website provides more than enough fodder for the argument that humans are capable of committing any evil to each other. Where do we find hope in that? Wouldn't any message of hope seem trite against the backdrop of actual human experience?
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Facing the Christian Fiction Stigma

Kyle de Waal, Guest Contributor When we look at a genre like Christian fiction, a lot of us might find ourselves sneering, because we have an idea of what Christian fiction is, and that image is not positive. We picture flat characters, predictable plots, and ham-fisted themes that leave us groaning. We can't seem to escape bonnets and buggies. However, is that really what Christian fiction is all about?
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How Limitations Can Push You as a Writer

J. Grace Pennington, Guest Contributor On the surface, our possibilities may seem unlimited. We can sit down at our word processors and type out anything our imagination can come up with. There are, however, still many possible limitations. We are obviously limited by what we know or can find out about. We are somewhat limited by our own experience (“Write what you know!?”). We may be limited by word count, content, or subject if writing for someone else. But, like Spielberg, we can use these limitations to enhance our creativity and improve our craft.
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