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Hearing the Questions Beneath Your Writer’s Frustration

Tineke Bryson, Staff Writer: Watching your young writer agonize over writer’s block, or whether their story idea is good enough, can be heartbreaking. Don’t you wish you could get inside your son’s head and change his perspective? Don’t you long to say the right thing—something irrefutable—when your daughter rages that none of your encouraging words are true?
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Story Coaching: A Student & Parent Review

A review of Story Coaching by a student and her mother This week we announced a new 3-month track of Story Coaching! Holly, a One Year Adventure Novel student, and her mother, Angie, kindly agreed to share their thoughts on the pilot program we ran this summer, so you could get a feel for what Story Coaching is like. Hurry over to the Story Coaching page and apply—there are only 10 spots this fall!
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Parent or Patron? – How to Find the Balance

Jeff Miller, Guest Contributor Today’s young writers face so many distractions and pressures. No matter their age, they deal with not only their everyday responsibilities, but also a sometimes overwhelming array of distractions constantly vying for their attention. As their parents, it is part of our responsibility to help our children find balance, learn self-discipline, and instill a good work ethic. But how do we do this?
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