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Am I Too Old for “The One Year Adventure Novel”?

Michelle Gonzalez, Guest Contributor I think all post-highschool writers can empathize with my struggle to make time for my novel. Whether your job is demanding, you have children, are caring for a sick family member, or are just fighting the daily battle against dirty dishes and laundry, life crowds out writing. Here are my tips for making OYAN actually work for you and your writing dream.
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When Your “Perfect” Story Falls Flat

Daniel Schwabauer I had re-written the novel, then titled Baht, in 2012, as 70,000+ words of first-person narrative. Only in writing the second-to-last chapter did I realize the book wasn’t working. Though it had a lot going for it (in my opinion, anyway), it still lacked something. It lacked oomph. Drive. A sense of compulsion. I wasn’t being pulled along by the story; I was driving the story ahead of me with a cattle-prod.
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