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Why Word Games Trump Daydreams

Why Word Games Trump Daydreams

Tineke Bryson, Staff Writer I daydreamed ferociously when I was a kid. Nothing pleased me so much as slipping away from people and situations to hunt fancies in my head. And why curb my imagination? Wasn’t daydreaming my source of creative ingenuity? I trusted to imagination to achieve my dream of becoming a writer, or, as I put it then, a “poetess.” Ha.
Finding And Keeping My Lost Writing Joy

Finding and Keeping My Lost Writing Joy

By Rebecca Morgan, Student Contributor In October, I posted on my blog that this November would be my first time participating in NaNoWriMo (“National Novel Writing Month”). However, seven days into it, I had to post again, stating my withdrawal.
10 Things We’re Thankful For

10 Things We’re Thankful For

By all of us on staff! Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the holiday, here are "10 Things We're Thankful For," looking back on the past year. Everybody on our team contributed!
Holding On To Story As A College Writer

Holding On to Story as a College Writer

Brynn Fitzsimmons, Guest Contributor: Studying writing in college has repeatedly made me question whether I love writing enough to finish—or even like writing anymore at all. I want to share why I’ve had such a difficult time and how to avoid the discouragement I faced.
What Makes Our Writing Workshop Different

What Makes Our Writing Workshop Different

To Daniel Schwabauer and his wife, Carrol, who started The One Year Adventure Novel in 2008, the Summer Workshop is better than Christmas. Ask them about it and their faces light up.
Story: Teaching Us To See

Story: Teaching Us to See

Brynn Fitzsimmons, Guest Contributor: Literature is a mirror. What do mirrors do? They reflect you as you really are. Likewise, stories are capable, like nothing else, of reflecting the fallen state of the world.
4 Skills Novelists Can Learn From Journalists

4 Skills Novelists Can Learn from Journalists

Brynn Fitzsimmons, Guest Contributer Journalism caught me unawares. When an editor offered me a journalism job in my university’s communications department, I told him he was crazy. I am a novelist—a fantasy novelist. You do not get farther from journalism than that, right?
Veteran Students On Overcoming Writing Weaknesses, Part 2

Veteran Students on Overcoming Writing Weaknesses, Part 2

Compiled by Staff Last week, we asked eight One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) students to tell us what their biggest area of weakness is in writing, and what strategies they employ to overcome it. This week, we feature another eight experienced OYANers and their responses. We hope their ideas for self-improvement will be useful to you!
Why A College Grad Chose To Start His Next Chapter With Our Writing Workshop

Why a College Grad Chose to Start His Next Chapter with Our Writing Workshop

By Jim Viebke, Guest Contributor My journey to the 2017 Winter Workshop began seven years earlier when I first started using The One Year Adventure Novel (or “OYAN”). This is not just a story about the Winter Workshop, but also a story about how the workshop played an important part in my journey as a writer.
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