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Yes, we accept purchase orders! To place a purchase order, the charter or school must comply with our 30-day payment remitment policy (30 days from invoice receipt).

Cover Story, Byline, and The One Year Adventure Novel are all published by Clear Water Press. If you are not sure if we are an approved vendor, please check to see if we are already on the approved vendor list under another one of our names.

How to Place a Purchase Order

We accept purchase orders by mail, fax, and email attachment. Email attachment is preferred.

Fax: 1-970-692-2241
Phone: 1-888-481-4550 (toll-free)

Clear Water Press
PO Box 62
Olathe, KS 66051

When creating a purchase order, please note that our shipping address is also our billing address.

Please include:

  1. An email address for the charter/school, so we can confirm receipt and send the USPS Priority Mail tracking number for the shipment.
  2. In the case of a Cloud video streaming purchase we MUST have an email address for the streaming account. It needs to be an email account the student/student’s family can access, so they can sign into their video streaming account.
  3. The name of the student or of one of their parents, so we can connect them to the order should they email or call.
  4. An email address for a parent of the student, so we can ask them if they would like to receive announcements about the free contests and other events we run for the students throughout the year. We do not subscribe families for newsletters unless they request to be subscribed.
  5. In the case of The One Year Adventure Novel we MUST have an email address to send the family of the student the unique curriculum license number to be able to access support.

Choice of Licensing

Licensing for Cover Story Writing »

Licensing for Byline »

Licensing for The One Year Adventure Novel »

Charter Schools

When we receive a purchase order from a new charter school, we contact the charter school about choosing a license type.

Does your charter order material for students to use in their own homes? Unless your charter or school allows families to permanently keep all the materials in the order, we will assign a one-year Group License to the charter, so that, in the event that a new family wishes to use the non-consumable materials once they are returned to the charter, you can renew the license for $50 (for The One Year Adventure Novel; we waive renewal fees for charter students using Cover Story and Byline) and order new consumable books.

If you do allow families to permanently keep all materials, we will assign a Household License to the family (non-expiring).

Schools & Co-ops

We assign a one-year Group License to orders for a group of students taking the curriculum together. A Group License is renewable for a fee ($50 for groups of 5 or fewer students; $100 for groups of 6 or more).

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