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Compare Clear Water Press programs at a glance with a handy chart and dig deeper into each one!

Clear Water Press program comparison chart

Cover Story was such an amazing curriculum for my daughter. I searched for years looking for something “different”, something that wasn’t just formulaic writing, or writing for the sake of writing. I wanted to teach her to love writing because it has meaning and a purpose, and Cover Story was exactly that. Thank you for thinking outside the box.

– Elise

I deeply appreciate that you don’t oversimplify or talk down to the kids in your audience. I think kids usually rise to the level of our expectation, and actually enjoy learning more when we allow them to dig really deep into the advanced layers of their subject. Even the humor in your videos is more advanced than what most people might choose to use, and it works great! It’s actually really funny rather than being just cute, hokey, or condescending. Thanks so much for using your talents to create such a rich, fun curriculum!

– Michele

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