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Feedback from Parents, Reviewers & Students

Recommended-thumbs-upIf you use Byline, we would LOVE to know your opinion. We really appreciate receiving your feedback. Your thoughts are valuable to us and can really help other families evaluating whether Byline is the right fit for their student.

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cathy-duffyReview by Cathy Duffy:

Of Cathy Duffy Reviews

The Byline “chronojournalism” course comes from Daniel Schwabauer, creator of the outstanding One Year Adventure Novel and Cover Story courses. As with Schwabauer’s other courses, Byline is very creative. It draws students back into the historical past with intriguing stories and fascinating biographies of personalities. It then uses those effectively as springboards to essay writing. I expect that most students will very much enjoy this approach for learning to write essays.

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We are at the end of Cover Story and have been so very pleased with it. I didn't know what I was going to do for next year.

Having Mr. S. as a teacher is a hard act to follow. THANK YOU for coming out with another curriculum. I didn’t even need to read about it. Neither did my daughter. We are already planning on purchasing it for next year! Thank you for all the hard work you put into your curriculum. It is so very much appreciated!

– Nicole, in Colorado

carrie-fernandez-HSGReview by Carrie Fernandez:

Owner and operator of Homeschool Giveaways

I wish I was in high school and [Byline] was my curriculum. Stepping into the role of a 1930s-era newspaper reporter is so exciting and it makes this course engaging and less like a typical writing curriculum.

The thing I love most about all of Clear Water Press curriculum sets is the amazing cinema-quality of the video lessons. After homeschooling for over a decade, I have viewed many curricula that includes video instruction and Clear Water Press’ DVD lessons are far superior to most that we have seen. Quite honestly, most other video lessons are cheesy, outdated, and bore my kids to tears. Not so with these sets!”

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Byline is AWESOME! It is very creative and fun!

Drawing students back into history is such a clever way to get kids to write and enjoy it.

My son is enjoying the course more than I thought. He finds the stories intriguing, and has gone on to find out more about certain topics or people. He has always been a “history kid” and this course really helps to fuel that love.

The way Byline is presented is spectacular. The video lessons are fun, easy to follow, and engaging. They are of high quality and it is evident a lot of time and care has been put into them. I really couldn’t recommend Byline enough. Being drawn into the 1930’s as a newspaper reporter puts a unique angle on writing. I really feel this course would help any student, especially a reluctant writer. It is a fun and engaging way to learn to be a better writer.

– Yvonne

My daughter ADORES this curriculum!

She has repeatedly said she "cannot write."

However, your curriculum actually has her A) believing she CAN write, B) ENJOYING writing, and C) even considering incorporating writing into her career plans. So, thank you for constructing a curriculum which motivates and encourages young writers!!!!

– Lynelle

A miracle-worker!

As a homeschooling mom with a MA in creative writing trying to teach reluctant writers to express themselves, Byline is a miracle-worker!

Byline is the second Language Arts curriculum we have used from Daniel Schwabauer, and I absolutely love it, as do my 7th and 9th grade boys. Writing and composition can be very daunting for young people, because they don’t understand that it’s a process of writing, editing, critiquing, rewriting, perfecting, and publishing. Byline helps them to realize this process and the steps involved, so that a 700-word essay isn’t so scary. The lessons are presented in an entertaining way, and the supplemental reading and podcasts are excellently chosen.

“My kids are learning how to do research and find those interesting details that make “a story” instead of just an essay. They are finding their voices and enjoying the process. Byline makes writing fun!”

– S. McPherson

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