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Student Resources for Assignments

What students can find on this page:

  1. Research encyclopedias and collections
  2. Writing and citation helps
  3. Special content Daniel Schwabauer asks students to watch or listen to in the video lessons

Research Links

Online Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia Britannica:



The Smithsonian:


Library of Congress

Main library:

Historic Newspapers:

Virtual Reference Shelf:

More Libraries & Collections

American Presidency Project:

Open Library (Books):

Government Document Center:

Historical Text Archive:

CIA World Factbook:

Our Documents (100 US cornerstone documents):

Writing Helps

Citations Guide

Charles Lipson’s book, Cite Right, published by The University of Chicago Press, is an excellent, clear guide for writing citations.

Buy on Amazon »

Buy directly from The University of Chicago Press »

Usage & Grammar Help

The Purdue Online Writing Lab—commonly called “Purdue OWL”—is a trusted help for questions about word usage and grammar.

Purdue Online Writing Lab:

Read the four articles about the Hindenburg crash, for Lesson 13

Click on the links to find the articles:

Article 1 – Fire in the sky: The Hindenburg 80 years later »

Article 2 – Hindenburg Crash: Foo Chu’s Amateur Photo Sequence »

Article 3 – Allen Orlando Hagaman »

Article 4 – Hindenburg Disaster – As Told By Our Newspapers »

The second and third articles are from the Project LZ 129 blog; students may find the whole blog useful.

Please note these are not the same articles we used when Byline was released. The original articles were placed behind a paywall.

Listen to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony for Lesson 28

Performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The 4th movement begins at 52:12.

YouTube link:

Watch the 1924 silent film, Peter Pan, for Lesson 29

Here are two ways to watch the film:

Click on this archive link:
YouTube link:

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