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Make Byline Count for 0.5 Credits of High School History!

Byline is 1 high school English credit. But there is so much historical journalism in the course that it can do double duty and also count for 0.5 credits of high school History, if your student does the following:

1. Read All of the Articles in the Metro and Retro World Newspapers.

The printed newspapers that come with the curriculum are supplements we created to inspire students; normally they are not required reading. However, if you would like your student to gain a half credit of History, all the newspaper readings are required.

2. Read or Listen to 3–5 Stories from “Extra! Extra!” or the Podcast.

Your student should choose 3–5 of the historic journalism stories on the Extra! Extra! page of this website, and either read them or listen to them on the podcast. Listening definitely counts! It should be noted, though, that every podcast episode has a corresponding text article, but not every text article has been turned into a podcast.

3. Write 2 additional articles of 500–800 words using any of the strategies described in the program.

These articles should be inspired by something in the printed newspapers or on the website/podcast, but can be hard news, feature stories, editorials, etc.

Q: Should I list it as 0.5 credits of U.S. History or World History?

A: If you live in a state/region where you have to specify one or the other, choose the designation based on the writing projects your student chooses. If your student writes exclusively about U.S. events and personalities, list it as “U.S. History”; if, instead, your student covers historical topics in other countries, list it as World History.

Q: Do you offer a handy way to tell which podcast episodes pertain to U.S. History and which ones to World History?

A: Here’s the breakdown for the 29 episodes through March 13, 2019:

4–6, 12, 19, 21, 24–27

1–3, 7–11, 13–18, 20, 22–23, 28–29

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