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Foster a love of writing by harnessing your student's creativity.

One Year Novel

One Year Novel High School Writing Curriculum

High School

Award-winning author Daniel Schwabauer leads students through the process of writing their own novel during one school year. Both eager writers and reluctant writers can have their skills transformed!
In-depth video teaching.

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High School

Byline puts 8th–12th graders in the role of a 1930s-era newspaper reporter as they dig up stories from the past. Daniel Schwabauer guides them into compelling journalistic writing. Along the way, students are equipped to write great academic essays! Captivating video lessons!

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Cover Story

Cover Story Writing - Middle School Writing Curriculum

Middle School

Through the process of creating the content for their own magazine, Cover Story writing students are led, step by step, on a journey of exploration and creation. They write short stories, nonfiction articles, poems, and many other short pieces.
Engaging DVD lessons!

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Daniel Schwabauer is one of the most insightful, inspiring teachers I have encountered. The concepts he taught me have changed the way I approach writing—both creatively and analytically.

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