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You can purchase Byline under either a Household License or a Group License (includes study groups and charter school orders). Read about the license agreements to find out which type of license fits your situation.

If you need to change your license type or have unusual circumstances not covered by the information below, please contact us. We are happy to help you figure out the best fit!

Household License Agreement

Applies to:

• Anyone purchasing for use exclusively with a student in their immediate family in the context of their own home (materials for additional immediate family members can be ordered at any time).

• Anyone purchasing through a charter organization that does not retain rights to the non-consumable materials. (If the non-consumable parts of the product, such as DVDs and teacher guide, are considered to be charter assets and must be returned to the charter, your charter needs a Group License.)

• Anyone purchasing the program for personal use (e.g., an adult student)


• The Household License does not expire; it doesn’t need to be renewed. (If you use the Cloud video streaming service, you renew your Cloud access for $35/year, but your license does not need to be renewed.)

• You can order student kits (the Training Manual and the Reporter’s Notebook) at any time.


• Students must be in your immediate family in the same residence. Close friends, cousins, etc., meeting in your home do not constitute immediate family members.

• Photocopying or other duplication is not permitted. Additional students need their own copy of the Training Manual and Reporter’s Notebook.

• The video lessons included in this curriculum, whether on DVDs or accessed through the Cloud video streaming servicemay not be shown publicly, including to small groups at a co-op or private school, without purchase of a Group License.

• Although we do not require the return of DVDs or books at the end of the license year, reselling or giving this product on will void the license. The license is attached to the customer. However, a license is not necessary to purchase a student kit (unlike with our high school curriculum, The One Year Adventure Novel), so the next user can access new consumables.

Group License Agreement

Applies to:

• Students taking the program together who are not of a single household, even if the group comprises only 2 students or meets in the informality of a home.

• Schools and co-ops

• Anyone ordering through a charter that treats non-consumable materials as charter assets. If the charter requires that members return the non-consumables (e.g., DVDs, teacher guide, etc.) after use, the charter needs a Group License, not a Household License, even if the materials being ordered will be used in a home, by students of the same family. See special section on charter orders below.


• A Group License is valid for one year from purchase. This year is intended to cover one group of students completing the curriculum together; if the group of students takes longer than a year, the license will expire when they finish. If a new group of students wishes to follow the curriculum before a year has expired, the Group License must be renewed.

• You can renew an expired license for a yearly fee of $50 for a group of 5 or fewer students, or $100 for a group of 6 or more. If you choose Cloud video streaming instead of DVDs, renewed access to the Cloud is covered when you renew your Group License.

• We waive renewal fees on charter-owned Group Licenses for Byline. See below.

• Gaps in use are fine. You can renew a Group License even if one or more years have elapsed since it expired.


• The content of this product is licensed for use in a single classroom. If you would like to offer more than one class simultaneously, please contact us.

• “Classroom” means all involved students are doing the curriculum in one place at the same time.

• The license is limited to 50 students, and does not include the materials each student needs to take the course. (If you use the Cloud video streaming service, and you want students to stream videos from their home, please contact us about arranging a per-student access fee.)

• Each student needs their own student kit ($59), which includes the Training Manual, Reporter’s Notebook, and copies of the printed newspapers.

• The video lessons included in this curriculum set may not be shown publicly or privately except in the classroom for which this curriculum is licensed, though they may be viewed privately by the teacher.

• The license is non-transferable. Although we do not require the return of DVDs or books at the end of the license year, reselling this product will void the license.

If you have a question about the use of this product, please contact us.

Special Note on Ordering through a Charter

How to place a purchase order »

If your charter school considers non-consumables (i.e., DVDs, textbook, etc.) to be “charter assets”—in other words, belonging to them, not to you—we assign them the license, not you. It is a Group License, because each time a student uses the curriculum we licensed to them, we consider it to be one “class.” That said, we waive license renewal fees on charter-owned Group Licenses for Byline.

This means that if another family in your charter school has returned a used set of Byline to the charter, you may ask your charter to order you new student materials only, and you will not be charged a renewal fee. A Student Kit (Training Manual + Reporter’s Notebook) costs $59.

**Please note, however, that this does not apply to The One Year Adventure Novel. We are not in a position to waive license renewal fees for the high school curriculum. It is more strictly licensed.**

Please contact your charter school for information about the non-consumable materials in their possession.

Special Instructions for Group Orders

If you are organizing a co-op or class to take Byline we strongly suggest that you have all families involved order together, through a single person. This way the materials can ship together to a single address. This will save everyone involved a lot of money on shipping.

If you would like an exact shipping quote ahead of time, please contact us about how many students you are ordering for.

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