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1. How is suspense created?


2. What are the three ways we discussed of warning the audience that something bad is about to happen to the hero? (For a total of 3 points).


3. Dread is a combination of ______________, expectation, and fear. (The blank stands in for one-word and multiple-word answers.)


4. When “something to want” meets “something to dread” what do we find?


5. What is our term, in this curriculum, for a “bad thing around the corner”?


6. What does a story villain embody?


7. If you fulfill every dreadful promise you make, you will bore your reader.


8. How do we fulfill a dreadful promise?


9. The obstacles in your hero’s way should become increasingly difficult, and flow naturally from the conflict. When done well, what does this produce?


10. Please enter your first and last name. (This field has no point value; we ask for your name so we can forward you your results if you do not receive an email copy.)

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