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1. Before you can make your novel _____________, you must make it _______________.


2. What is the most important thing you need to do when starting your rough draft?


3. What is the most important promise you must make to your reader in your first page?


4. If you train yourself to keep an eye out for spelling and grammar errors while you write your rough draft, you’ll do yourself a favor.


5. Writers translate _______________ into _________________. Readers do the opposite.


6. Why should you beware of the first thing you think of when imagining story events?


7. You should clearly and accurately describe what you imagine.


8. Because your novel will be told in first-person point-of-view, page one will automatically tell your reader ________________________.


9. To create an emotion in your reader, you need to create that emotion in your character.


10. If you have to answer “no” to the questions “Does this section serve the story?” and “Does it create emotion?” what should you do?


11. Creating emotion is not the same thing as showing emotion.


12. Real life is filled with details that we perceive and then forget and details we don’t even perceive at all. To feel real, your story needs all these details so that the reader can perceive them—or not—just as though the story were their real life.


13. Good fiction is nothing more than reality with the boring parts left out.


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