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1. Select the five character types we’ve discussed, for a total of 5 points.


2. Lessons 19–21 recommend NOT using a ______________ character for your adventure novel.


3. The main difference between your hero and your villain is morality.


4. A villain with weaknesses is less effective as an antagonist than a villain without weakness.


5. A synopsis consists of a/an _____________ and a/an _________________. (The blanks stand in for one-word and multiple-word answers.)


6. For your villain to be believable, he or she should be _________________. (The blank stands in for one-word and multiple-word answers.)


7. Your readers should not be able to understand the villain. If they can understand the villain’s motivations, he/she does not pose enough of a threat to the story goal.


8. Another way to refer to the story context is ___________________.


9. Another way to refer to the story goal is “something to learn.”


10. Another way to think of what the hero suffers is the _________________.


11. The story’s theme is not the same thing as “something to learn.”


12. Please enter your first and last name. (This field has no point value; we ask for your name so we can forward you your results if you do not receive an email copy.)

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