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1. ______ are active words that move your story forward.


2. Why should you search for adverbs in your rough draft?


3. What do “was + ing” or “is + ing” combinations usually indicate?


4. Which font size should you use?


5. Traditionally, which font has been preferred?


6. What is the correct spacing setting between lines?


7. Using colorful paper will make your story stand out and ensure it is read by an editor.


8. What has been the main influence on the development of these standards about spacing (size of margins, line spacing, printing on one side of the paper, etc.)?


9. Editors, agents, and publishers expect this manuscript formatting because they want to see that authors will abide by rules, no matter how arbitrary they may be.


10. Please enter your first and last name. (This field has no point value; we ask for your name so we can forward you your results if you do not receive an email copy.)

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