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1. Select the five elements of story we discussed, for a total of 5 points.


2. What is another name for a story goal?


3. Character traits can be divided into _____________ and _______________.


4. Undeserved misfortune, power with humility, and weakness are three ________________. (The blank stands in for one-word answers and multiple-word answers.)


5. Characters, like people, are best defined by the choices they make.


6. Your reader will respect equally any choice made by the hero; it does not matter what the hero chooses.


7. Which statement BEST summarizes what we discussed about morality in stories?


8. Characterization is made up of characteristics.


9. Name the three internal character traits (other than choice) that we discussed, for a total of 3 points.


10. Having the hero look into a mirror and reflect on what he or she sees is a less obvious way to give your reader information about the hero’s characteristics.


11. Please enter your first and last name. (This field has no point value; we ask for your name so we can forward you your results if you do not receive an email copy.)

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