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1. Chapter 5 can’t help but be a bit boring and generic, coming as it does after the New World chapter.


2. The middle cycle consists of a repeating pattern: 1. Forming a short-term goal. 2. Pursuing it. 3. ____________________. 4. __________________ and repeating the cycle.


3. Chapter six often shows the hero’s _______________. (The blank stands in for one-word and multiple-word answers.)


4. You should make a story promise that you will not give your hero anything. He/she is going to have to earn victory.


5. Chapter six is an excellent place to raise the stakes. This means giving your hero…


6. Chapter seven is also called ______________. (The blank stands in for one-word and multiple-word answers.)


7. Your hero will learn from both failure and success, but s/he will always learn more from succeeding.


8. Your reader should be so caught up in the hero’s ups and downs in the middle cycle that s/he loses sight of the story goal for a while.


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