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1. What are the three main plot types we discussed?


2. Third-person point of view is rare in fiction.


3. Why do I ask you to make your hero roughly your own age?


4. Why do I ask you to write in first-person point of view?


5. What are the two parts of a synopsis?


6. The first part of a synopsis consists of context, a hero, and a story goal.


7. The second part of a synopsis consists of a villain, a/an ___________, and a theme. (The blank stands in for single-word answers and two-word answers.)


8. What does context mean?


9. The basic plot of every possible story has already been written in some form.


10. What did we discuss about writing fantasy or science fiction?


11. Please enter your first and last name. (This field has no point value; we ask for your name so we can forward your results to you if your email copy does not reach you.)

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