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How To Climb The Face Of Your Writing Future

How to Climb the Face of Your Writing Future

By Tineke Bryson, Staff Writer: If you are shaken by the loss of your earlier confidence and joy in writing, please don’t make the mistake of concluding you just don’t have it in you after all.
Framing Your Writer’s Future

Framing Your Writer’s Future

Tineke Bryson, Staff Writer As a parent, you field these well-meaning but bewildering questions from relatives and friends. They make you anxious, defensive. All the while, you ache for your son or daughter as they wrestle with their own questions, and there’s no way for you to hand them the answers.
Hearing The Questions Beneath Your Writer’s Frustration

Hearing the Questions Beneath Your Writer’s Frustration

Tineke Bryson, Staff Writer: Watching your young writer agonize over writer’s block, or whether their story idea is good enough, can be heartbreaking. Don’t you wish you could get inside your son’s head and change his perspective? Don’t you long to say the right thing—something irrefutable—when your daughter rages that none of your encouraging words are true?
10 Great Creative Nonfiction Books

10 Great Creative Nonfiction Books

Tineke Bryson, Staff Writer If creative nonfiction (CNF) is a real genre, why don’t most of us know what it is? When I tell people that CNF is nonfiction that uses all the tools of fiction—extended metaphor, symbolism, plot structure, etc.—I always feel frustration.
Practical Steps To A Rewarding Fantasy Map

Practical Steps to a Rewarding Fantasy Map

Tineke Bryson, Staff Writer How do we make our story world maps the best they can be? After tackling intimidation, and coming to terms with the risks we take by not actually drawing our fictional world, how do we actually make the map?
How A Map Can Save Your Story

How a Map Can Save Your Story

Tineke Bryson, Staff Writer In last week’s post we tackled the intimidation many of us feel about creating a map for our novels. (Thanks, no thanks, J. R. R. Tolkien.) This week we focus on why we can’t afford to give up the dream or hand off the project to someone else.
Does Your Creativity Have To Grow Up?

Does Your Creativity Have to Grow Up?

Tineke Bryson, Staff Writer Life throws many changes at us. They threaten an end to our creative ambitions. Whether it’s a job with no wiggle room for ideas, so much college homework you’re worried you’ll lose your love of reading, or a new life role (marriage, parenthood, anyone?), change has a way of making us feel like a naive idiot for calling ourselves a writer, an artist, an adventurer.
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