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When Can You Call Yourself A Writer?

When Can You Call Yourself a Writer?

Angie Fraser, Guest Contributor I used to believe that a real writer was someone who was recognized by having been paid in cash for a piece of writing. Someone who had “been published.” These days I have a simpler answer.
Writing For The Smaller Audience

Writing for the Smaller Audience

Angie Fraser, Guest Contributor Thanks to the teaching in The One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN), I have now written two novels. I suspect that my work will never be published in the traditional sense. Despite my best efforts, I use far too many adverbs, adjectives, clichés, and passive sentence constructions. My plots and characters aren’t particularly original. I’m too preachy. I could go on. Does that mean that my writing can never be used for God’s purposes?
Is There A Right Time To Write?

Is There a Right Time to Write?

Angie Fraser, Guest Contributor Although The One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) is designed for high school students, we also have many adult students—some college-age, but others who write in the midst of parenting and jobs outside of the home. Angie, in New Zealand, has the distinction of being both the mother of OYAN students and an OYANer herself. We asked her to tell us about what it's like writing a novel as a mom and home-educator.
Out Of The Creative Wilderness

Out of the Creative Wilderness

By Teresa Rudd, Parent Contributor I guess you could say that I wandered aimlessly in the wilderness of creative writing for forty years before encountering for the first time the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum.
Story Coaching: A Student & Parent Review

Story Coaching: A Student & Parent Review

A review of Story Coaching by a student and her mother This week we announced a new 3-month track of Story Coaching! Holly, a One Year Adventure Novel student, and her mother, Angie, kindly agreed to share their thoughts on the pilot program we ran this summer, so you could get a feel for what Story Coaching is like. Hurry over to the Story Coaching page and apply—there are only 10 spots this fall!
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