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This page is for corrections and updates.

If you are using materials from the first printing of Cover Story, here are some corrections made to later printings:

Answer Key to Unit Test 2, Question #7 should be D, not A. And Question #9 should be C, not D.
Answer Key to G2 in the exercise about identifying complete predicates: Question #5 should be “gave her nothing but further pain” (not “wishes gave her nothing but further pain”)

There is also a new version of G2 as of September 2017, to correct some problems with the exercises on dependent clauses.

G2 in the Student Book »
G2 in the Teacher’s Guide »

Additionally, we now include new helps in the Teacher’s Guide. You can download them as PDFs:

Tips for Groups »
Video Run Times »
Lesson Planning Table »
Heads Up »


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