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Daniel Schwabauer, MA, is an award-winning author and experienced teacher. Many in the home-school community know him as the developer and beloved teacher of  The One Year Adventure Novela highly-praised creative writing curriculum for high school students.

His desire to help younger students cultivate a love for the craft of writing, coupled with the requests of parents that he develop something for the middle school age range, led to the creation of the Cover Story curriculum.

His professional work includes novels, stage plays, radio scripts, short stories, newspaper columns, comic books, non-fiction ghost writing, and scripting.

He is also editor of Crosswind Comics, which has developed educational materials for youth-at-risk, prison inmates, and others. He created the Amazing True Life Stories series as well as The Amazing Gospel graphic novel, which has been translated into several languages and is used around the world.

Daniel has received numerous writing awards, including the 2005 Ben Franklin Award for Best New Voice in Children’s Literature for his novel, Runt the Brave, and the 2007 Best Books Award for his novel, Runt the Hunted. The Curse of the Seer, book three in the Legends of Tira-Nor series, released in 2015. He holds a masters in creative writing.

Award-winning author and experienced teacher.

“I want to help take the intimidation factor out of writing. Helping students to enjoy the process is part of that. I love to see them discover they can do it.”


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