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End of the Year Contest!

Please join us for the last Cover Story contest and live webinar of the 2019–2020 school year!

This time around, we want to see your completed magazine! Any student who is currently using the curriculum is eligible to submit their collected works, compiled and formatted into the structure of a magazine, for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

How My Student Can Enter

  1. Any student using Cover Story this school year is eligible to submit their magazine.
  2. The magazine must be submitted by the parent/teacher of the student.
  3. To be eligible for prizes, all of the written content inside the magazine must come from the student’s own mind, with no outside input from family, friends, or teachers.
  4. It’s okay if a parent or teacher helped with layout and design; if this is the case, please give credit to that person (or those people) in the ONLINE ENTRY FORM.
  5. The shipping address should be accompanied by a first and last name, but only the student’s first name, age, and state/province will be listed next to his or her entry.

You are free to omit one or more creative pieces if you feel they do not fit the overall tone of the magazine.

Submissions will be judged based on coherence (how well the magazine incorporates the theme), the quality of the written content, the creativity of the execution, and the design (format, layout, images, etc.).

However, while we will take layout and design into consideration, we are more concerned with well-executed stories, creative concepts, and clever theme integration, so please don’t be deterred from entering if you and your student are unfamiliar with design principles.


All entrants must fill out the ONLINE ENTRY FORM. At the bottom of the form, you will be able to choose how you want to send us your complete magazine. There are 2 options:

• OPTION 1: Upload a PDF File Directly to the Entry Form

Please compile all the pages of the magazine into one document or file, with the pages in order, and export that document as a PDF. Do NOT send several individual pages or attach every assignment separately.

When saving or exporting as a PDF, if you are given a choice, please set the image quality to “High,” “Best,” or “Print Quality.” (The options given will differ based on the program.) If your program allows you to set the dpi, please select 300 dpi.

• OPTION 2: Mail a Physical Copy

If your family or classroom chose to print physical copies of your student’s magazine, you may send a finished copy to:

Clear Water Press
Attn: Finish Line Contest
P.O. Box 62
Olathe, KS 66051

Please note that (1) submissions sent by mail must be received by May 31, 2020, to be considered; and (2) you must submit the ONLINE ENTRY FORM even if you send your magazine by mail.

Submission deadline is 11:59 p.m. Central Time on June 4, 2020.

Complete Online Entry Form


The first-place winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card!

We will also award a few prizes to select pieces—individual articles, stories, poems, and the like—that we feel are particularly skillful, so please send in your magazine even if the layout and design are rudimentary!

Live Webinar

On Tuesday, June 28, at 7:00 p.m. Central Time, Mr. S. and Gabrielle will host a special live webinar for you and your Cover Story student. They’ll show off your completed magazines, award prizes to the winners, and discuss the strengths of various entries.

NOTE: You do NOT have to be present at the webinar to win your prize. But it will be fun, so don’t miss it!

Tuesday, June 28, 2020
7:00 p.m. Central Time

Join the Webinar

The online “room” will be open a few minutes early—generally within 15 minutes of start time—so that you can connect and be ready before it starts. If it will be your first time watching one of our webinars, we recommend joining early so you have time to install Zoom if you need to (the webinar service we use).

** We will send out a link to watch a recording, if you have to miss it. **


  • We will only share your student’s submissions using their first name, age, and state/province of residence. No last names will be mentioned.
  • Parents/family members: Only students are eligible to receive prizes. Again, please make sure that magazines credited to students originated with the students themselves without input from the parent or other outside sources.
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