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Other Worlds Group Student Kit


This product is designed for students who are joining an Other Worlds group or class.

It includes a $35 streaming subscription (12 months of access) + a $89 Student Set (workbook + textbook + anthology) + $10 group license fee, for a total of $134.

The Other Worlds Group Student Kit includes:

  • 72 Video lessons accessed via a 12-month Cloud video streaming subscription
  • The Portal (textbook)
  • The Other Map (an in-depth workbook designed for world-building)
  • Double Star (a two-novel anthology of the required outside readings)

Co-op and Group Teachers: If you are purchasing the Group Student Kits for your students, please complete the Groups and Co-ops Order Form instead.

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Product Description

For more information about Other Worlds, please visit our Other Worlds web page.

Additional Information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 12.25 × 9 × 2.125 in

Visit Using Our Programs in a Go-op or Group to learn how to use Other Worlds in co-op, group, or school setting.

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