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Every year at the Summer Workshop, we host an Open Mic Night to give students a chance to share their talents with the community. In order to be considered for participation, you must fill out the form below by May 10, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Central.

Must be shorter than 5 minutes in length, including any comments you plan to make before the performance.
Be as detailed/specific as possible about the act you would like to perform.
If you have a link to a YouTube video of your performance, you may copy and paste it here instead of uploading a video below.
Excerpts can be no longer than 250 words, must be the opening of your story, and must be your own work.
Accepted file types: mp4, mov, Max. file size: 49 MB.
We understand that some students, especially large groups coordinating an act together, will not be able to provide a video ahead of time. However, we STRONGLY recommend uploading an excerpt of your performance if you are able to do so. We will feel more comfortable selecting acts that we have previewed ahead of time. (A simple phone video is perfectly sufficient—we just need a clear representation of your act!)
Please indicate your preference:(Required)
Eg. "Rachel Garner," "Rachel G.," or "Nairam." If you do NOT want your act to be filmed, simply enter N/A.
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