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Step-by-step guidance to
transform your student's writing.

One Year Novel

One Year Novel High School Writing Curriculum

High School

Award-winning author Daniel Schwabauer leads students through the process of writing their own novel during one school year. Both eager writers and reluctant writers can have their skills transformed!
In-depth video teaching and support resources.

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High School

Byline puts your student in the role of a 1930s-era newspaper reporter as they dig up stories from the past. Guided through compelling journalistic writing, students are equipped to write great academic essays!
Captivating videos!

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Cover Story

Cover Story Writing - Middle School Writing Curriculum

Middle School

Through the process of creating the content for their own magazine, Cover Story writing students are led on a journey of exploration and creation. They write short stories, nonfiction articles, poems, and many other short pieces.
Engaging DVD lessons!

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Daniel Schwabauer is one of the most insightful, inspiring teachers I have encountered. The concepts he taught me have changed the way I approach writing—both creatively and analytically.

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