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Looking for a writing club you can join, or a co-op for your student? The writers and teachers below are open to new members/students. Please contact them directly with your questions.

If you run a class or group and want to be included in this listing, please email

One Year Adventure Novel Club – St Louis, MO area

Hannah Wade, a former One Year Adventure Novel student, is running a club in St. Louis. The club is open to both writers who have used the curriculum before and new students. Her goal is to provide a supportive, fun opportunity for writers to learn the craft of fiction in a setting where they can get feedback on their work.
Berea Academy has an August 15 enrollment deadline, but Hannah would love to connect with other writers, so don’t hesitate to contact her.
Updated August 10, 2017

Cover Story Co-op – Duxbury, MA area

Betty Urzua, with Pilgrim’s Progress Homeschool Association, would welcome new students joining her co-op! She can be reached at 562-556-2451.
Updated August 20, 2018
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